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Intermediate Vocational Education (MBO) students follow at least 40 percent of their education as a trainee in a company in order to gain hands-on experience. Therefore, Drenthe College gladly works along with companies and institutions. By working together, it is possible to find a good match between the student and the company. This also allows sufficient numbers of students to be trained with the right abilities and skills. In other words, Drenthe College cannot train students without sufficient and good internship placements. Professional Practice Training (BPV), also called internship, is an essential part of any study programme. In practice, students learn to apply the theory from the education in practice. There they learn to solve contemporary, real-life problems, but they also learn to work independently. In this way, they also find out what knowledge and skills they still need to learn.


Different types of internships

A wide variety of internships is needed for the students concerned. An internship can be for a student from course year 1, in which acquaintance with the discipline and the basis of the discipline are paramount. As the student is more advanced in his/her study programme, he/she may also be expected to do more during his or her internship. 
In addition, Intermediate Vocational Education (MBO) distinguishes also three different levels. From mainly practical-oriented training (level 2) up to level 4 (focused on middle management). All this calls for a large, diverse ask for internship placements. 
Internship placements must meet a number of minimum requirements. In the Netherlands, Intermediate Vocational Education (MBO) students are only allowed to do work placements at so-called accredited training companies. If this is not the case, the internship will be considered as ‘not valid’. 


There are two so-called learning pathways within the Intermediate Vocational Education (MBO):
  1. Vocational Education Learning Pathway (BeroepsOpleidende Leerweg; BOL). During this learning pathway, students gain hands-on experience from school on during internships.
  2. School-based Learning Pathway (BeroepsBegeleidende Leerweg; BBL). The learning pathway relevant and known to the business community, is the School-based Learning Pathway. Within this framework, student have a paid job at an accredited training company. In addition, he/she attends school at least one day a week. In such cases, as an employer, you consent to such training. 
The internship component in vocational education:
  • Training in the Vocational Education Learning Pathway (BeroepsOpleidende Leerweg; BOL): students spend around 40 percent of the training in a training company.
  • Training in the School-based Learning Pathway (BeroepsBegeleidende Leerweg; BBL): students have a “job-learning position” and spend around 80 percent of the training in a training company.



During the internship, students are entitled to good supervision in the form of:
  • Guidance 
  • Assessment of their functioning
  • Contact with school
In addition, most internship companies also provide their interns with - optional - internship allowance.
Guiding of interns takes time and effort. It also provides benefits for companies and institutions:
  • you get to know your potential employees of tomorrow;
  • you contribute to an important part of the training;
  • bring new insights and refreshing ideas.

Accredited training company

Before a company can get started as an internship provider, it needs official accreditation. This is provided by one of the knowledge centres for vocational education and businesses. Basically, any company or foundation in the Netherlands may become an accredited training company if at least the following two conditions can be met:
  • The company can train students.
  • The company is prepared to train students.
In addition to these two main conditions, companies must meet more specific conditions that vary by industry. If you want to become an accredited training company, you can contact the Stichting Bedrijfsleven Beroepsonderwijs (SBB).
If you already have an accreditation as a training company and you have not accompanied any interns recently, but you see possibilities again, please fill in this answer form . Drenthe College will contact you as soon as possible to map out the internship options.
You can also call us on: +31(0)88-1884444.


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