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At many Drenthe College courses, you can follow an internship abroad. You can find our students everywhere; from Germany and Denmark to Nicaragua and Suriname. Are you curious, adventurous, flexible and looking for new experiences? Then it is surely something for you to gain professional hands-on experience abroad. 

Why should you? 

By living and working abroad for some time, you learn a lot. You develop your independence, learn to take (more) initiative and responsibility and learn to improvise. In addition, you develop understanding for cultural differences, you learn to deal with people from other cultures and you will make new friends. You learn to apply your professional knowledge in a completely different environment; you work in a different culture with different means and with different opportunities. Finally, you will notice that you learn to speak and understand the language at a fast pace.

Eligibility conditions for internships abroad

Living, working and learning abroad for some time is not suitable for everyone. You must be very motivated and well prepared. You must be flexible and willing to adapt to different working conditions than you are used to. In order to save yourself abroad, you must be able to speak and understand reasonable English or German. You should not be lagging in your studies. At the start of the internship you must be at least 18 years old (this can be deviated from in some cases). 

Costs and preparation 

For most programmes, there are subsidy possibilities for reimbursing travel and accommodation costs. Costs for meals and other costs are at your own expense. 
To prepare yourself well, we use a handbook that describes all the steps required to prepare you for your internship abroad. 

Would you like to know more? 

Please contact you student counsellor.

Sucu project

In Paramaribo (Suriname) and Willemstad (Curaçao) we have the following internship organisations:
  • retirement home (Paramaribo)
  • nursing home
  • hospital
  • child care centre 
  • disability care (Willemstad) 

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Additional information with regard to internship abroad

Additional information with regard to internship abroad
Drenthe College can mediate in finding an internship placement and can provide support when applying for a job
A permanent part of the training programme Personal Healthcare Assistant (Verzorgende-IG) and Nurse Intermediate Vocational Education (MBO) is taking part in an internship. It is also possible to follow this internship abroad. Especially in Germany there are many good internship opportunities. In addition, an internship abroad is a unique experience that also looks good on your CV! Obviously, the training programme offers guidance for all internships.


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