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Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board oversees Drenthe College and monitors the main policy lines as developed and implemented by the Executive Board. The Board also decides on the appointment of the members of the Executive Board. The members of the Supervisory Board have a seat on this board because of their knowledge of the business community or civil society organisations. Some members have been appointed because of their personal (educational or other) expertise.
Current members of the Supervisory Board are:
Lambert ZwiersRudi KleinhuisAstrid Odile de VisserJanneke HaddersRuud Klarus 

Lambert Zwiers

Chairman Supervisory Board

Dick de Waard 

Vice-chairman and member of the Audit Committee

Astrid-Odile de Visser

Member of the Audit Committee


Janneke Hadders

Member of the Education Quality Committee


Ruud Klarus

Member of the Education Quality Committee


Mark Boumans

Member of the Remuneration Committee

Executive Board 

The Executive Board supervises Drenthe College and is responsible for strategic, tactical and executive policy. The chairman of the Executive Board is Mr Albert Bruins Slot.

Albert Bruins Slot

Chairman of the Executive Board 


Central Management team

Together with industry managers and services managers, the Executive Board forms the Central Management team. The Central Management team determines the policy of Drenthe College. Obviously, the Executive Board remains ultimately responsible.
Drenthe College also has the services HRM and Education policy. These have been placed with the Executive Board in Assen. Also, the Project Office that carries out strategic projects for Drenthe College and the Executive Secretariat that carries out management work for the Executive Board and Supervisory Board have been placed here.
In addition to the central supporting services, each industry also has an education support service, which includes, among other things, the administration, the education and the planning and scheduling. 

Statutes and regulations


Drenthe College also complies with the Sectoral Code of Good Governance for Intermediate Vocational Education (MBO).


For the Complaints Procedure: please click hier


The Works Council (OR) and Student Council (SC)


Drenthe College considers good participation of, and contact with, employees and students very important.


For Drenthe College, this is regulated by the Act on Participation in Education and Vocational education (WMEB). On the basis of this Act, Drenthe College has a Works Council (OR) for and employee participation. The Works Council consists of 13 members from all levels of Drenthe College. The Works Council regularly (every four to six weeks) discusses the course of events at Drenthe College with the chairman of the Executive Board. The Works Council has an advisory and supervisory task regarding many matters relating to the school.

There is a Student Council (SC) for the students. The Student Council consists of fifteen members (the members of the three advisory committees). The advisory committees are organised regionally at the locations in Emmen, Assen and Meppel. The advisory committees hold regular meetings, at least every ten weeks, with the industry manager responsible for the region. At least twice a year, the entire Student Council consults with the chairman of the Executive Board. The Board also meets with the Works Council twice a year and once a year with the Supervisory Board




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