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The social task for which Drenthe College sees for itself:
Working on the best version of yourself 
This mission is based on the observation that young people need training with space to grow from their own passion and talents. This makes training a key pillar for a valuable and meaningful future. 
Drenthe College considers it to be its challenge to help students become what they want and support them in their personal growth. This means that DC focuses on the personal talents, learning questions and career paths of the student. DC wants to give students something for the future: whether the right papers for a dream job, personal development or a follow-up training in the Higher Vocational Education (HBO).
By challenging ourselves, we take the best out of each other. In addition, we listen to the students’ wishes, we are ready to help him or her if necessary, and we challenge him or her to go the extra mile.
So that the student will be happy to see that he/she can become the best version of himself/herself and will get wings to fly as high as he/she likes with self-confidence.
Those who choose DC choose for themselves.
Challenge yourself


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