To challenge you as much as possible, we offer you extras in all courses.
Think of projects within your education, regional and national Skills Professional competitions and excellence programmes.

Crossing Borders!

International internships
An internship abroad is an unique experience and looks great on your resume! We offer you internship guidance, mediation in finding an internship and offer assistance with the application process. Fly off to, for example Germany, Spain, Malta or Curaçao and Suriname!


Do you want to transfer to HBO?
In the last six months of your level 4 study, choose an adjusted programme that partly takes place at the higher professional education institution of your choice. That way you get used to college and you have a smooth transfer.

Excellence course and Top Academy

Want to get the best out of yourself?
With an Excellence course or with the Top Academy you can challenge yourself to the max! You develop skills in communication, creativity, cognitive and/or entrepreneurship. This is how you position yourself as a specialist!

Learning with and in practice

Drenthe College has learning departments outside the school in cooperation with various companies and organisations. You will then receive both theoretical lessons and practical work at the company/organisation's location.

Teachers at Drenthe College provide the lessons from a learning home. In the workplace you gain practical experience under the supervision of coaches from the institution. There are different initiatives in every region: Learning Guild, Practical Learning, Expertise Centre Healthcare & Wellbeing and others. Look at the
training information on our site for the possibilities. The significant advantage? Immediately work and learn in the workfield you studied for and thus learn the tricks of the trade from the professionals during your study!

Top sports and education

Do you have the talent and ambition to be a professional athlete? We are happy to support you and help you to combine your dream with your studies. Our top sport regulations give you the opportunity to develop in both sporting and personal terms.

Training restaurants

You will find training restaurants in every region in which students gain experience with hospitality. You will find different courses from (independently working) chef and catering employee to host and facility manager. The restaurants are open as usual and therefore open to the public. The instructors guide and instruct you during the training.

DCare Lab

Innovative healthcare solutions help the elderly to remain self-reliant for as long as possible. Within the Practorate, MBO and HBO students are conducting research into how (sensor) technology can be optimally deployed by clients and care providers. A unique research and training centre in which the future is paramount.

Healthcare & (Sensor) technology doctorate

Training Companies

You can work on real assignments from the business community, associations and from Drenthe College through our learning companies. This way you apply theory directly in practice. For example, at DC Tech we work together with the business community and offer technical training on real-life projects.

Skills Trade Competitions

Skills Heroes are professional competitions for MBO students. There are competitions on different levels and grades, that give you the chance to show off your talents in your field. You can use this to compete with students in training at a regional, national and even European or world level. An experience you will never forget.