General Information


The professional study pathway (BOL) combines school and internship, which we also call the 'professional practical programme' (BPV). 80 Percent of the time you're in school, the other 20 percent you do an internship. The professional training learning pathway (BBL) is a combination of work and school: four days of work (often paid) and two half- days at school. If you want to do a BBL training, you must have an employment contract with an employer that is relevant to the training.

Subjects and structure

A course consists of three parts: a general basic part, a profile part specific to your course and an optional part. You choose whether you focus on your preparation for the employment market or whether you want to move on to a higher education level. During the course you follow a large number of professionally oriented courses and a number of general courses. This way you get Dutch, English and math and you also take exams. Citizenship lessons wil prepare you to function well in society. During the LOB lessons you work on your own career competences and you receive personal guidance.


Your privacy is important to us. We therefore comply with the AVG legislation. This means that we process personal data with care and that it is only used for school purposes.


As a BOL student you are obliged to pay your tuition fees to DUO in Groningen. The costs for 2019-2020 are € 1,168 for those of 18 years and older. It is possible to get an additional loan through DUO. You can find all necessary information about this on

When you choose a BBL trajectory, you pay the tuition fees directly at school. The amount for this year varies per study programme.

In addition to the tuition and course fees, there are additional costs for, for example, books, excursions and special tools. On our website you will find an indication of these school costs for each programme.

Allowance for study costs (BOL)
Do your parents or legal guardians have a low income and are you under 18 years of age on August 1st 2019? Then you may be eligible for a reimbursement of the compulsory school costs. This allowance is dependent on an income test via Stichting Leergeld or the government.

A possible financial allowance can be used to pay the costs of all compulsory learning materials and a possible 'School costs DC' bill. 

MBO levels

The Drenthe College courses range from the Entree level up to, and including MBO level 4. If you are going to follow an Entree level course, you have two options after graduation: employment or move on to MBO level 2. With a level 2 diploma you will have your basic qualification, which you can use to start working. With a course at level 4 you can transfer to higher professional education.

Basic skills

  • Do you want to improve your reading skills?
  • Do you want to be able to write letters?
  • Do you have difficulty filling out forms?

If you recognise these problems, then a Dutch course will be perfect for you. Drenthe College offers day or evening courses in many different municipalities where you can work on your reading and writing skills. Even if you have problems with math or digital skills, you can go to Drenthe College for a course. The only condition is that you are over 18 years old.